Non Metalic

Flexican Non-Metallic Expansion joints are expansion joints designed to withstand the temperature, pressure, thermal movements, vibrations/pulsations created due to the difference in temperature, pressure inside the flow medium, due to the installed machine vibrations. Also, Non Metallic expansion joints are designed to take care of the sudden surge in temperature and pressure created by the flowing media.

Non Metallic expansion joints can take all six direction movements concurrently. The reactionary force on the ducting will be zero or No load shall be transferred from one fixed support to another due to the flexible nature of the expansion joint.

The fabric design shall be impermeable and zero leakage through the body of the fabric.

Due to the flexible nature of the fabric, large thermal movements can be accommodated in less flange to flange gap.

These are designed in line with guidelines provided by Fluid Sealing Association which is the guiding member for design of Non-Metallic Expansion joints

We have the expertise and executed orders ranging from 60 degrees C to 1260 Degrees C and Sizes ranging from 80 mm to 7000 mm dia / 6000 mm x 12000 mm rectangular. We manufacture the expansion joints exactly in line with the customer requirement and satisfy the technical parameters mentioned therein.

Testing Facility :

We have our own testing facilities to test the fabrics for temperature, pressure withstandibilities. Our testing facilities include Muffle furnace, Tensile testing machine for fabrics, Air permeability tester for imperviousness of the fabric.

  • Diesel Generator Exhaust Ducts
  • Coal Mill Expansion Joints
  • Chimney Seals for Multi-Flue Chimneys
  • Pipe Penetration Joints in HRSG
  • Reformer Tube Expansion Joints
  • Dust collector units
  • Vibration compensation in large exhaust fans and equipment
  • Flue gas ducts
  • Large circular and rectangular ducts
  • Raw mill inlet-outlet
  • ESP inlet - outlet
  • Pre-heater inlet - outlet
  • Economizers and Air-preheated connections
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