Steel Plants

In Blast Furnaces in Tuyere Stock high-pressure hot air ducting and pipelines, in other plant e.g. Sinter plants, Fume gases sulphur station, Captive Boilers, Coke Oven Batteries, B.F. Gas, Furnace exhausts, Fume extraction systems etc.

Petroleum & Refineries

Apart from the standard applications, the Bellows Expansion Joints are used in Pipelines, Heat Exchanger Shell, Reactors, Columns etc. and in FCC units in Refineries.

Cement Plants

All the major hot air ducting carrying dry cement, Pre-heater, Boiler, Kiln, Hooper, Tertiary Air Duct (T.A. Duct), R.A. duct, ESP use large diameter circular and rectangular Bellows.

Power Plants

In Thermal Power plants piping & duct connections, Ash Handling plants and Economizer, Turbines and steam carrying ducting. In Nuclear Power plants, usage of Bellows is much greater, e.g. in Pipe penetration, Fan Isolators, Chimney seals etc.

Other Industries

Chemicals & Fertilizers, Ship building, Diesel Locomotives etc. use Bellows Expansion Joints for connecting equipment to pipelines and ducting for correcting misalignment and as vibration isolator.